Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

At Therapy Connections, occupational therapists improve the lives of children by promoting the “just right challenge” for learning through the use of childhood occupations and play as therapeutic interventions.

Skills that may be addressed consist of self-help, executive functioning, visual perception, visual motor, fine motor, sensory processing, feeding, coordination and self regulation. With the development of these skills, and collaboration with families, occupational therapists can promote function and independence in everyday living.

Therapy Connections provides a wide range of therapeutic services using evidence based techniques and an interdisciplinary approach.  This practice allows children with disabilities to achieve their highest potential.

Services are provided to children of all ages and various diagnoses including but not limited to Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyspraxia, Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, ADD, Anxiety Disorders, learning disabilities, and behavioral issues.


Areas Addressed

Occupational Therapy is often recommended to address the following:

  • Grasp development
  • Self-regulation and attention
  • Self-care
  • Coordination
  • Social awareness and development
  • Executive functioning
  • Emotional regulation
  • Visual perception
  • Visual motor skills
  • Feeding and picky eating
  • Anxiety
  • Reflex integration
  • Academic skills

Meet our Occupational Therapists


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Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services

Our experienced occupational therapists provide a wide range of evaluations and therapy services.


We offer a wide range of evaluations. If you need a specific one, please let us know. Below are our most commonly requested:

Occupational Therapy
  • BOT-2
  • M-FUN
  • M-ABC
  • PDMS-2
  • HELP
  • TVPS
  • GOAL
  • The Sensory Profile

Handwriting Therapy

Handwriting is a complex process of managing written language and communication. It involves coordinating the eyes, arms, hands, and body posture as well as the use of visual motor and fine motor skills for letter formation, sizing, and accuracy.

Strength Training

Therapist-directed exercises and activities improve muscular strength and endurance.  Examples include:  lifting weights, body weight exercises, and use of resistance bands.

Vestibular Processing

The vestibular system is the inner ear balance sense that helps to perceive movement. When this sense is not working properly, or properly connected with the other sense organs, especially the eyes and ears, trouble arises in processing.

Heavy Work

Heavy work is a type of proprioceptive input to the body that assists with calming, regulation, and attention. Proprioceptive input involves resistance to and/or against the muscles and joints of the body. Often, it involves pulling joints apart (ex: hanging, pulling/carrying heavy items, etc.) or compressing joints together (ex: pushing heavy items, deep pressure against the body, etc). Heavy work can be very beneficial for increased sensory processing and body awareness.

Commonly Requested Services

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If you are looking for a specific service or type of treatment - please ask! Our staff are widely trained and certified on a number of different types of therapeutic treatments. Below are some of the most requested services; however we have many more that we can offer.

Listening Systems

Listening Systems

Therapeutic Listening® and Integrated Listening Systems are both sound-based intervention that are used to enhance the development of a variety of skills.

Astronaut Training Protocol

Astronaut Training Protocol

Astronaut Training Protocol utilizes the vestibular, visual, and auditory systems in order to focus on the development of the sensory systems, body awareness, and self-regulation.

Handwriting Therapy

Handwriting Therapy

Handwriting Therapy utilizes evidence-based handwriting programs including Size Matters and Handwriting Without Tears to address the development of fine motor and visual motor skills through writing practices.

MNRI - Reflex Integration

MNRI - Reflex Integration

Masgutaova Neuro-Sensory-Motor Reflex Integration addresses integration of active primitive reflexes through the use of movement patterns in order to improve neurological pathways for continued skill development.



Occupational Therapists address a variety of self-care skills from grooming to dressing and hygiene to toileting. Self-care covers a wide range of skills for achieving functional performance in daily life.

Tummy Time

Tummy Time

Tummy Time Method™ is a therapeutic tool which helps remedy: Asymmetries such as torticollis, plagiocephaly; Gestational and birth trauma; In utero / Gestational constraint (prenatal plagiocephaly, head molding); Postural preferences (torticollis); Nervous System Dysregulation (unsettled, fussy or irritated babies)

Therapy Connections

We provide a range of services under the categories of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy to children of all ages and various diagnoses. We provide customized programs & education focused on achieving positive outcomes.


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